Waste is rampant, regulations are immense, and businesses focus more of their time on complying with regulations than running their business.

  • Eliminate waste
  • Create streamlined policies that are implemented quickly
  • Improve infrasturcture to promote rural growth
  • Invest and lead in A.I.


Better jobs come from better education and better education comes from better infrastructure.

  • Support President Trump's infrastructure plan
  • Bring high speed internet to rural Virginia


Lower taxes allow businesses to flourish. When a business hires more American employees it directly impacts the economy.

  • Lower taxes to enable businesses growth and investment
  • Raise revenue by making use of underutilized federal assets


The unaffordable care act is unaffordable. More importantly, it is outside of congress' article 1 section 8 constitutional authority.

  • Repeal the unconstitutional ACA
  • Return jurisdiction of healthcare to the states
  • Promote fitness to improve public health


I am 100% for keeping the environment clean while keeping the impact on economy low.

  • Maintain a clean environment with minimal economic impact
  • Reduce federal regulation
  • Reduce environmental impact through more efficient infrastructure


My wife and I have been married for two decades. Our first pregnancy resulted in two boys, Timothy and Theodore. Timothy is now 8 years old and in 2nd grade, however Theodore died at birth and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. The experience of my wife and I holding baby Theodore lifeless in our hands has shaped my view on life.

  • Abortion is an unsupportable position

2nd Amendment

As a lifetime member of the NRA, gun owner and two-decade long member of the Militia referenced in the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution, I know all too well why we have this crucial individual liberty.

  • Protect the 2nd Amendment


I would like to continue public service by being an advocate for over 1.5 million veterans and their family members that reside in Virginia.

  • Green Beret
  • Two decades of service in the National Guard

Foreign Policy

My 20 years of service as a Green Beret, Intelligence Officer, Military Diplomat and Foreign Area Specialist serving in tactical, operational, strategic, overt and clandestine assignments provide the requisite context and network to address America's security concerns.

  • Experienced in foreign policymaking, intelligence, and military operations


I AM PRO LEGAL IMMIGRATION. My parents fled the Soviet Union in the 1970s due to political and religious persecution and entered the United States LEGALLY seeking opportunity.

  • Fluent in Spanish, Russian and Arabic--ready to reach out to minority communities
  • The current legal immigration system is inefficient
  • Increase criminal trespass enforcement
  • Create a more efficient barrier of entry to end criminal trespass

Artificial Intelligence

A.I. will impact almost every area of society and we need a plan before it gets out of hand

  • Establish a small department of A.I. at the national level to study implications to National Security
  • Facilitate an annual A.I. weekend for Washington